Karsten Fundal

Karsten Fundal, Composer

Karsten Fundal

Karsten Fundal, Composer

Karsten Fundal

Karsten Fundal, Composer

Karsten Fundal

Karsten Fundal, Composer

Karsten Fundal

Karsten Fundal, Composer



Featured news from the latest couple of years in the three fields I work within:
Scores for films, compostition, arranging, and co-working.

Music for movies

Currently working on The Shadow world by Johan Grimonprez Produced by Final Cut DK for real and Louverture Films US.

Premiére on the youth monster movie Dannys Dommedag by Martin Barnewitz on 5th October Dk wide.

2014 Halden By Michael Madsen, Premiéred at Berlinale produced by Final Cut for Real and Neue Road Movies.

2014/15 The Visit by Michael Madsen. Premiere Winther. 

January 14: I've just finished composing the score for the contribution by Michael Madsen for the 3D movie series "Cathedrals of culture", which is a co-production between Wim Wenders film company "Neue Road movies" and "Final Cut for Real" - Both Wim Wenders and Robert Redford has contributed to the 6 Documentary films in the series. Peter Albrechtsen did sound and Øivind Weingaarde sound design. For more information please visit: Neue Road Movies 

In the year of 2013

Currently working on the film score for Martin Barnewitz' new movie with Miso film.

In 2011 I made music for three movies:

  • "Julie" by Linda Wendell
  • "Excuse me" (undskyld jeg forstyrrer), by Henrik Ruben Genz (Feature)
  • "Canned Dreams" by Katja Gauriloff (Documentary).

The two latter had premiére in january 2012.

Canned dreams was in Berlinale 2012.

For this film I won a Jussi (finnish Academy award), for best film score 2012 february 2013. In 2012 I made music for the documentary "the act of Killing" by Joshua Oppenheimer. Just reasently it won the Puma Impact Award 2013 in NY! Puma This film is one of the most recognized documentaries worldwide in 2012/13. The act of killing was at Berlinale 2013. Both The Act of Killing as well as Canned Dreams are part of the honory program at Guadalajara international Filmfestival in Mexico 2013 (read more on DFI).  

Read more about Canned dreams here




Had Premiére on 3rd October 2014 with the big Orchestral piece "Liquid Rooms" with Odense Symphony Orchestra. Solo singer Katinka Fog-Vindelev, Video Artist Michala Clemmensen, light artist Mikael Sylvest, Poetry By Mark R. Sluaghter. Conductor Henrik Vagn Sørensen. 

Premiére on Dannys Dommedag by Martin Barnewitz on 5th October Dk wide.

Premiére on the re-arranged piece "fatamorgana" for Flute, violin and Bandoneon on 4th october at "klassiske dage Holstebro".

February 2014: Halden, produced by final cut for real, Michael Madsens contribution to the "Cathedrals of Culture" project by Neue Road Movies, (co- produced by final cut for real), was screened in the Berlinale 2014 special programme, 12th of february 2014. Michael Madsens contribution had very fine reviews.

Son, (søn), by Kristoffer Kiøerboe won special mention in the 14plus competition in the Berlinale 2014.

The Act of Killing, about the genocide in Indonesia - for which I composed the theme song - won a BAFTA for Best Documentary and is Oscar nominated for best documentary. The Act of Killing also won the Pacific Academy award, EFA award, alongside with a long row of other awards. Please visit IMDB 'The Act of Killing' for more information.

The portrait concert of my music with Ekko Zone, that Mathias Reumert had set up, took place on the 8th of february in Frederiksborg Castle Chapel and on the 9 th of february in Soro Abbey Church. The music of the concerts is recorded for release later this year.

Current and future projects:

Opera co composed with Efterklang Premiére at Copenhagen Operafestival summer 2015, experimenting with space and acoustics.

Dance performance with Uppercut Dance theater, Co-composing with Efterklang. Coreography by Stephany Thomasen.

Additional score music for the film Bridgend by Jeppe Rønde.

Score music for the Documentary The Shadow world by Johan Grimonprez.

Childrens opera "godnat min skat" with Libretto by Tobias Ørum, Premiére March 2015.

Premiére Marts 2014: Childrens Opera with Saltamortale and libretto by Tobias Ørum, "Den Syngende Hat" (The Singing Hat).

The large work "Liquid Rooms" written for Orchestra and Video/Sound Design in Odense, originally scheduled for September 2013 is postponed one year. Concert date TBC. 

In June 2014, on the 7 th, I will have premiere on a joined venture project with the fantastic Danish Electronic Duo "Den sorte Skole" and the Danish National Chamber Orchestra. For more info see: Den Sorte Skole

August 2015 will see the premiere of a new Opera for "Copenhagen Summer opera" including collaboration with Efterklang as well as cyber based Elements, also experimenting with time and space and the Audience Facilities.

Currently working on the score for the movie 'Dannys Dommedag'. Visit the Facebook page here: Dannys Dommedag